Everyone Has a Unique Story

Photos can be awe inspiring. Like this one of my daughter and granddaughter, some photos do indeed tell a thousand words. Yet, a photo rarely captures the entire story.

Our lives are more than a single picture produced by the click of a camera. A well-written life story not only records events and times and places, it reminds the reader why those events and times and places matter.

Since the Lord Jesus Christ and my Christian faith are at the center of everything I do, I especially enjoy writing from a biblical worldview. I look forward to the challenge of finding the story behind the photo.

The biographies, The Prayer That Makes a Difference and This Side of Heaven: One Man's Journey Into Spiritual Sight, have brought me special writing enjoyment as I came to understand more about the meaning and power behind prayer. It is challenging to take snippets of life and produce what we hope will be compelling reading. Even a short biography requires months of examining, sorting, and rewording. But whether writing an extensive biography or using a thematic approach, the biographer cannot help but learn and grow from someone else’s story. I certainly grew from the lives of Oma Van Gelderen and Charles Elliott. I'm sure you will, too."  --Janet Clark Shay


"Janet did a fabulous job comprehending the burden and fine- tuning the details with editorial precision and beauty." - Evangelist John Van Gelderen


“I have been a longtime pastor and evangelist. During my ministry I had always hoped I might be able to have a small book written on me about my journey with the Lord that could be given to my family down the line. God in His marvelous way got me in touch with Janet Shay. She helped me in such a wonderful way to bring together this book. It was her time, her advice, and also her willingness to be patient with me in the writing of this book. It turned out to be just exactly what I'd hoped it would be. I would just like to say if anyone is looking for somebody that walks with the Lord to help them in writing a book someday in the future, they should contact Janet.” – Pastor and Evangelist Charles Elliott