I TAKE SPECIAL CARE of your story from start to finish. Asking questions and holding interviews throughout the process, I look for those little surprises which inevitably arise and add flavor to the subject at hand. I work with you as a friend, devoting my full energy into the heartbeat of your biography until you and I reach a pleasing conclusion.

Perhaps the extent of your biography demands months for me to organize and refine. Then again maybe all you need is a warm yet compelling text for your promo video. I'm happy no matter how long or short the job requires.

Since the Lord Jesus Christ and my Christian faith are at the center of everything I do, I welcome projects that are compatible with that biblical worldview. 


"Janet did a fabulous job comprehending the burden and fine tuning the details with editorial precision and beauty." - Evangelist John Van Gelderen


"A little book that amounts to a very large treasure.” Lynn Erickson Valle, National Christian Examiner
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