I TAKE SPECIAL CARE of your story from start to finish. Asking questions and holding interviews throughout the process, I look for those little surprises which inevitably arise and add flavor to the subject at hand. I work with you as a friend, devoting my full energy into the heartbeat of your biography until you and I reach a pleasing conclusion.

Perhaps the extent of your biography demands months for me to organize and refine. Then again maybe all you need is a warm yet compelling text for your business promo video. I welcome variety no matter how long or short the job requires.

Since the Lord Jesus Christ and my Christian faith are at the center of everything I do, I reserve the right to reject projects I feel are not compatible with my biblical worldview. However, I am happy to work on secular themes as they do not compromise my faith.



"Janet did a fabulous job comprehending the burden and fine tuning the details with editorial precision and beauty." - Evangelist John Van Gelderen



  • The Prayer That Makes a Difference (Inspirational biography)
  • This Side of Heaven (Inspirational biography)
  • "The Woodcarver" (Christian dramatic musical stage play)
  • Tuya and The Silk Scarf (Mission story set in Mongolia)
  • Plop! Goes the Blue Swirl Ice Cream (Children's audio book)
  • "Silence Is Not As Golden As It Used to Be" (Article for national magazine)
  • "A Mustard Seed on Jeter's Mountain" (Article for national magazine)
  • "The Sunday Shirt" (Article for national magazine)
  • "The King's Highway" (Vacation Bible School play)
  • "Now I Am Forgiven" (Biographical gospel booklet)
  • Missionary's Promo (Story text for audio/visual presentation)
  • "When I Was Your Age" (Dramatic musical skit for Christian women's conference)