Inspirational Biographies 

THE BIOGRAPHIES, The Prayer That Makes a Difference and This Side of Heaven: One Man's Journey Into Spiritual Sight, have brought me special writing enjoyment as I came to understand more about the meaning and power behind prayer. It is challenging to take snippets of life and produce what we hope will be compelling reading. Even a short biography requires months of examining, sorting, and rewording. But whether writing an extensive biography or using a thematic approach, the biographer cannot help but learn and grow from someone else’s story. I certainly grew from the lives of Oma Van Gelderen and Charles Elliott. I'm sure you will, too."  --Janet Clark Shay


One of the greatest regrets we will have when we get to heaven will be when we discover all that God would have done. Either we did not ask, or we failed to ask according to His will, and therefore, we never received. The Prayer That Makes a Difference embraces a prayer life based upon God’s Word.

As an unassuming woman grew to walk by faith and not by sight, Oma Van Gelderen understood the witness of the Holy Spirit as a fact of knowledge and not merely a feeling. Her faithful prayer life encourages all who desire to be intercessors that God is ready to answer. However, His will is not automatic. His promises must be obtained by faith, and prayer expresses that faith.

In addition to gems from Oma’s own life, the book includes the biblical principle behind Oma’s prayers: “Three Connected Truths Concerning Prayer” by evangelist, John Van Gelderen.

Lynn Erickson Valle, of the National Christian Examiner called The Prayer That Makes a Difference a “little book that amounts to a very large treasure.”




Full of plans for his future, a young Charles Elliott looked forward to enrolling in college and pursuing a degree in psychology. Then a routine medical exam for discharge from the U.S. Air Force brought him news that shook him to the core. An inherited eye disease would ultimately lead to his total blindness.

When God changed Charles’s direction by bringing him to a saving knowledge of Jesus Christ and into ministry as a pastor, he started on a spiritual pilgrimage that would transform his life.

This Side of Heaven is the beautiful true story of Charles Elliott’s journey into both physical blindness and spiritual sight. It imparts lessons that will embolden Christians in their ministry no matter what thorns obstruct their spiritual path.