"A writer seldom runs our of ideas. They may not always know how best to arrange them into words,but those ideas continue to lurk in the recesses of the mind--longing to be released and appear in story form." --JCS

Janet Clark Shay

A  U  T  H  O  R

A furry white puppy, a disaster in the park, and a surprise coin. A story about consequences -- the good kind and the not so good kind.

Will the scoop of cold, sweet, delicious blue swirl ice cream finally help Jacob see that BEFORE he does a thing, it is always best to think about what might happen? When Jacob is forced to stand by while Jenna and Cristian enjoy the balloon contest, will he finally learn an important truth about making choices?


Kid's love audio books. Stories they listen to--especially when narrated with energy and emotion--remain with them. Plop! Goes the Blue Swirl Ice Cream is the perfect opportunity to get children to think about the "consequences" of their actions.