I’m Not Outdated I’m Classic

WELCOME TO OUR GUEST AUTHOR, BARB WAITE – Elsie: Adventures of an Arizona School Teacher 1913-1916 and Elsie’s Mountain: Memories of Palomar & Southern California 1897-1987

I recently went house hunting with my son and his wife in Highland Park, New Jersey. We drove thru charming neighborhoods where all the homes are old. Many are lovely vintage, some craftsman style, others a variety of architecture and colors—a delightful district. They chose the house built in 1910.

The only other choices in a nearby neighborhood are townhouses. The townhouses appear attractive and new, but closer examination reveals leaky roofs, poor lighting, and evidence of having been built all too rapidly.

I pointed out that the houses that have held up for 110 years are classic. They have original cabinets and staircases with character. We looked at one that had a charming butler’s pantry. I must admit I found that pantry splendid even without the butler.

Yep, there are some wrinkles and age spots, but the dictionary tells me that the word classic means “a work of art of recognized and established value.” So, I’m going to start telling people I’m not old, I’m classic. God values the aged. We represent the roots of a people. Proverbs 16:31 tells us that gray hair is a crown of splendor.

God values many things that are unchangeable—Biblical values that are classic. We who are in Christ have been given a priceless gift that is beyond measure and vital to a life well-lived. Believers have the potential to embrace unchangeable, classic character qualities: kindness, mercy, joy, faithfulness, love, peace, patience, gentleness, self-control, and the list could go on.

These valuable character traits are possible because of Christ and His ability to transform lives even when the world calls them outdated. But they’re not outdated. Nope! They are given by Christ, and they certainly have value. They are classic.

I John 4:4, “…because greater is he that is in you, than he that is in the world.”

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