"A writer seldom runs our of ideas. They may not always know how best to arrange them into words,but those ideas continue to lurk in the recesses of the mind--longing to be released and appear in story form." --JCS

Janet Clark Shay

A  U  T  H  O  R

The Ministry of Charles Elliott:
An Inspirational Biography

The Prayer Life
of Oma Van Gelderen:

Privileged to serve as a pastor, and later as an evangelist in South Asia , Charles Elliott would not trade physical sight for what he has beheld through blind eyes, especially if it meant that he would have missed all God had given to him.

"His trips to SRI LANKA have reaped a harvest of thousands who received Christ as Savior, many churches planted, and countless men discipled and called into full-time Christian service. Honored by Colombo Bible Baptist Church as Sri Lanka’s evangelist, Charles received the title “Pastor Meritorious” from the flagship church for his shepherding of the congregation in my occasional absence."     --Missionary Terry Unruh

One of the greatest regrets we will have when we get to heaven will be when we discover all that God would have done. Either we did not ask, or we failed to ask according to His will, and therefore, we never received.

As she grew to walk by faith and not by sight, Oma Van Gelderen came to understand the witness of the Holy Spirit as a fact of knowledge and not merely a feeling. Her faithful prayer life encourages all who desire to be intercessors that God is ready to answer. However, his will is not automatic. His promises must be obtained by faith, and prayer expresses that faith.

The Prayer That Makes a Difference is a “little book that amounts to a very large treasure.”   -- Lynn Erickson Valle, National Christian Examiner